Who we are?

First, we would like to thank you for your confidence in our product OXFORD Footwear and, we hope that we keep the hard work to be up to your expectations

Establishment. The idea of the establishment of OXFORD FOOTWEAR was in the beginning of 2008, and before starting the establishment of OXFORD FOOTWEAR we made several tours to the global markets in order to be up to date with the footwear industry. After a good study of the requirements of the market was the beginning of the establishment of the factory in 2010. The factory was established with the latest machinery in the field of footwear industry and, all the shoe supplies were imported except the Egyptian natural leather. We Provide the factory with the newest and finest natural leather from our tannery SERAG AMMAR TANNERY. The realization of a shoe requires countless passages; it is the result of a large number of manufacturing processes that need to be executed by an expert craftsmen. In OXFORD FOOTWEAR, the style concepts undergo a scrupulous production process, looking towards the future but still solidly entrenched in tradition. The extreme attention to every single detail makes every shoe produced in OXFORD FOOTWEAR factory both durable and comfortable, elegant and refined. The respect for the craftsmanship tradition and the continuous technological innovation constitute the basis of the company’s success, constantly aiming to the perfect union of quality and design, fashion and the best of the craftsmanship expertise. Based on an innovative and organized structure, binding at best the flexibility of the craftsman laboratory with the ability to manage the production peaks characterizing an industrial organization, OXFORD FOOTWEAR has always been partner of the main luxury brands. The deep knowledge of the footwear production trade, combined with the long-term visit of the most important international maisons allow OXFORD FOOTWEAR team to rapidly and adequately respond to every necessity of the top brands, to get, without interruption and ensuring the best quality, from the designer studio to the catwalk and then to shops in the most prestigious fashion streets.

Our Mission

We deeply care for the tiniest details and what is new in the shoe industry, in order to provide you with a stylish and comfortable shoe that satisfies your taste. OXFORD FOOTWEAR products of upper and lining leather are 100% natural leather with 0% formaldehyde.